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Pesce Azzurro

In the '50s Francesco Serio founded the homonymous company for the processing and preservation of salted anchovies. In 1979, to respond to new market and expansion requests, together with Rosario Cascio, the company became a capital company, constituting the current "Pesce Azzurro Cefalù S.r.l".
Today the company is a leader in the Italian market in the canned fish sector.
In the beginning the company produced only anchovies and salted sardines fished in our seas and provided the largest Italian companies, in the '80s it expanded its production into a wider range of products including anchovy fillets in oil in different formats.
In our company, which is located near the fishing port of Cefalù (in Sicily), the processing and conservation of all our products are carried out exclusively by hand by skilled and experienced people, according to the most ancient Sicilian traditions, handed down since the most far from the local fishermen, who still allow the perfumes and flavors of Mediterranean recipes to remain unaltered.
In 2004 the company acquired a new plant in Cefalù for the production of marinated and smoked products.

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