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Our certifications and respect for nature
The attention also to environmental issues, has led us to use the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our preserves, oil from crops made without pesticides, or chemical fertilizers, thus ensuring greater respect for human health and the environment that surrounds us.
A line of certified products with ECOGRUPPO ITALIA.
High levels of quality and respect for the environment have allowed us to obtain certifications from entities such as BUREAU VERITAS and RINA for the BRC-GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY and .6 standards (Grade A) and IFS food (vers.6 High Level) .
Our company does not use GMO and is certified "Friend of the sea".
We produce Kosher products, compliant with Kashrut regulations.
We are authorized to export to Russia from 09/02/2001.
In compliance with the health and hygiene standards of the HACCP system, our company has an internal Quality Control laboratory and makes use of the close collaboration with the Experimental Station of Parma and with the various trade associations (National Association of Fish Consortieri and Tonnare ANCIT and Italian Association of AIIPA food products).
All the raw materials used during our work processes are of natural origin.
Our activity is characterized by fidelity to a single principle that is the Quality, which we express in all company functions, from the rigorous choice of raw materials to strict controls throughout the fish processing process. uses cookies and other technologies to ensure a reliable and secure site, measure performance, provide a personalized shopping experience and themed advertising. To do this we collect data relating to users, their behavior and their devices. By selecting "I accept", the user consents to this data collection and authorizes us to share this information with third parties, such as our marketing partners. In case of refusal we will only use essential cookies and the user will not receive personalized content. Select "Set Preferences" for further details and manage your options. The user can change his preferences at any time. For more information, please read our privacy policy.
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for new customers a gift of 5% discount coupon on sign-up