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1. Bluefin tuna belly in olive oil - 190gr jar Pesce Azzurro

Bluefin tuna belly in olive oil - 190gr jar

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Bluefin tuna belly. 190gr jar.
Caught in Sicily bluefin belly is the most valuable part of the tuna, which is packaged for storage in olive oil and highly appreciated by the Japanese clients.
The tuna belly is obtained from the fattest part of the tuna, the one that surrounds the abdominal cavity: the muscular bundles are interwoven with fat that make the meat softer and tastier.

It is very popular in Sicily, where it is called "surra".
Of lighter shades than the classic canned tuna it has a pinkish color with a soft taste.
Ideal for appetizers and salads. Excellent for the preparation of first courses.

Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) belly , olive oil, salt

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