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Pesce Azzurro

Smoked Swordfish

€ 3.90

Smoked swordfish.

The smoking process begins by peeling the swordfish, then the bones are removed and trimmed creating loins of 4/6 kg.
Sword fillets are covered with salt, a mix of coarse salt and salt until hours are left waiting for the meat of the fish to absorb the perfect amount.
It is then transferred to the smokehouse, where the combustion of fine beech woods begins the real smoking process, which can last from 7 to 9 hours, all at very low temperatures.
Once smoked swordfish will have to store a night in a 4-degree cell in order to shrink its fine meats.
The last process is the pre-slicing that takes place through specialized machines.
All respecting the ancient Sicilian traditions and never wanting to mechanically speed up the time of each single process.

Swordfish, salt and smoke.

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